PG Medical Admission 2023: Important Announcement on Refunds by CEE Kerala

The Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE), Kerala, has made an important announcement for all candidates involved in the PG Medical Admission process for the year 2023. In a move to streamline the refund process for eligible candidates, the CEE office has initiated the steps to ensure that the refund amount is smoothly credited back to the candidates who have paid the fee as part of their application to the PG Medical course in 2023.

Eligibility and Procedure for Refund

The eligibility list for the candidates entitled to receive a refund has been published on the official website, which is accessible at Candidates who find their names on this list are given a golden opportunity to submit their bank account details online to facilitate the refund process.

To apply for the refund, eligible students must visit the official CEE website and navigate to the ‘PG Medical 2023 Candidate Portal.’ This can be accessed by entering the relevant application number and password. Once logged in, students must click on the ‘Submit Bank Account Details’ option before the deadline at 5 pm on 12th February 2024. It is crucial that the bank account details provided are accurate and belong to the student or their parent. After submission, students are advised to take a printout of the bank account details slip for future reference.

Important Conditions for Refund

The CEE has outlined specific conditions for the bank accounts eligible to receive refunds. Notably, refunds will only be made to savings accounts and will exclude Zero Balance Account, Basic Savings Account, Tiny Account, or Popular Account. Additionally, NRI accounts are not eligible for refunds. This decision underscores the CEE’s commitment to ensuring a secure and straightforward refund process.

Deadline and Final Reminder

Candidates must ensure that they provide the correct bank account information within the stipulated timeframe. Failure to do so may result in the refund amount being credited to the government revenue head without further notice. This makes it imperative for students to act swiftly and ensure all details are submitted correctly.


The initiative by the CEE to refund the fee to eligible PG Medical admission candidates reflects their dedication to maintaining transparency and efficiency in the admission process. By adhering to the instructions and timelines provided, students can ensure a hassle-free refund experience. For more details and to stay updated with the latest announcements, candidates are encouraged to regularly check the official website,

This step by the CEE is a significant one in enhancing the student experience during the admission process and ensures that the financial aspects of the admissions are handled with the utmost care and precision.

Helpline Number: 0471 – 2525300.