My NEET PG AIR Rank Is 30000-35000. What are my chances of getting Clinical Seat

In this Article, We re discussing the possibilities of getting clinical seat for 30000 to 35000 AIR and at what could be the fee structure and where the student can get seat in different state counselling.

As you are all aware that the Counselling process varies from State to State across India. So, It is very important for all the NEET PG aspirants looking for a seat in different clinical and non-clinical branches to understand the counselling process of every state. Most of the students know the cut-off of his/her domicile state or the neighbouring state or maybe little popular states but they might be less aware about the cut-off and the fee structure of other far off states which makes their job a little tougher to understand the counselling process.

As counselling process of state run at the same time, it might not be possible for every student to go from one state to another to check it on regular basis. But it is also important that a student must fill-in the application form of every state where there is a possibility of getting seat for their budget. We have made a brief analysis for the above said range of rank for a better understanding. In case, one wishes to know more, Kindly visit our official website:

  1. Patience and regular observations of cut-off is very important for or rank between 30K-35K AIR
  2. Every student must look at the cut-off of last 3 years to find the possibilities of the seat in their own domicile States
  3. You must apply to the counseling where there is a good possibility for getting the seat as per your budget.
  4. Most of the students in this rank do not get a seat in the first round of the counseling and they usually get the seat on the second or third round of the counseling so the student must have patience and do not put non-preferred choices which will block your chances of getting a seat in later rounds of counseling
MD -General  Medicine35L-55L40-45L60-70L60L-70L40L-45L
MS – General Surgery30-35L40L45L40L-45L35L-40L
MD – Anaesthesiology10L-15L20L-25L25L23-25L15L-25L
MS – Orthopaedics35L-55L40L-45L50L40L-45L30L-40L
MD/MS – OBG35L-60L40l-45L50L60L30L-45L
MD – Paediatrics35L-45L40L-45L50L60L30L-45L
MD – Radio Diagnosis50L-80L55L50L60L50L-60L
MS – Ophthalmology35L-45L35L-45L40L40L30L-35L
MD TB and Chest 45L-50L      35L-45L40L40L30L-35L
MD DVL50L-80L55L-65L50L60L50L-60L
MS – ENT25L25L-30L25L25L20L-25L
MD Emergency Medicine 40L-50L         35L-45L40L40L30L-35L
MD – Psychiatry10L-25L15L-25L25L25L20L-25L
MD Pathology6L-15L8L-15L10L10L10L-15L
MD/MS – AnatomyNo feesNo feesNo feesNo feesNo fees
MD – Bio-ChemistryNo feesNo feesNo feesNo feesNo fees
MD – MicrobiologyNo feesNo feesNo feesNo feesNo fees